New Paint

Is painting on your fall to-do list?

With literally thousands of colors, the task of choosing the right one for your space can be daunting.   We’re big fans of paint samples – those little 8 oz. jars that enable you to see a color on your wall.

Here’s a new product that is perfect paired with your paint sample.  It’s called Sure Swatch – a 9” x 12” adhesive backed clear film.  Apply a couple coats of the sample paint to the Sure Swatch film.  Let it dry.  Then peel off the backing and apply the painted film to the wall.
Now you can view the color from a distance, in different levels of light, etc.  Whether you decide to use that color or not, the film simply peels off the wall.  No need to paint over a sample color!
We’d suggest purchasing and painting two pieces of film at a time for a larger sample area.  This product is available at Home Depot (and other retailers) for less than a dollar.
As always, Premiere Home Stagers is ready to lend a hand with your decorating decisions.
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