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Fireplace Mantel Evolution

A fireplace is usually the focal point of a room and, as such, deserves extra attention.  It is viewed from the entry point of the room several feet away so whatever adorns the fireplace mantel should be visible from that distance.


This mantel contains several items neatly spaced but too small to be recognizable from across the room.  The collection doesn’t make an impact.






My previous home had a fireplace angled in the corner.  The vaulted ceiling  and angled walls begged for more than a single picture to be hung above the mantel.

My solution was to group five antique clocks of varying sizes and shapes.  Their arrangement followed the contour of the ceiling and made an impact from across the room.

With another move behind me, that fireplace is left behind and a new one challenges me.  I am always seeking to think “out of the box” beyond the mantel-sized picture to unique items inhabiting this space.



Because I relish the freshness of seasonal decor, my winter mantel arrangement centered around an old wooden sled and ice skates.




As spring approached it was time for a fresh look.  Again, veering away from the traditional picture I leaned a black-framed mirror, added a shutter and a black vase of forsythia and sticks.  The forsythia are reflected in the mirror and a bunny is nestled underneath.

The pair of shutters were a Habitat Restore find.  I actually purchased several pairs of varying sizes, shapes and colors.

The next mantel evolution will involve a grouping of the rest of the shutters lurking in my garage, some having been painted black.  I love the 3-dimensional look they provide.