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Placing Artwork

Personal Photos

It was a bright, summer day when this photo was taken showing off the baby pictures on the family room fireplace mantel. A fireplace is usually the focal point of the room. A nice piece of artwork would do nicely here.

We often find that homeowners aren’t sure how to display artwork or photos in their homes. 

Fireplace Mirror

The dark burgundy fireplace wall is quite dark when the sun is not shining.  Therefore, a mirror reflects any room light back into the room.  We did not center the mirror on the vertical plane–although we did center the mirror on the horizontal plane and added a few pieces to ground it to the mantle. The baby photos are tucked away in the baby’s room.


Diamond Artwork

This is another way to display a piece of art on the fireplace wall.  We took a square metal piece and turned it on its diagonal. It makes it more interesting as compared to the rectangular fireplace box, and balances the space between the mantle and ceiling. 

Oval Mirror

 The oval mirror above the fireplace mimics the fireplace box. The shelving contains a mixture of different objects–colored glass, dried reeds in a black vase, greenery, and books. Less is more in this case.
We often find that bathroom artwork gets a raw deal. How many shells, sailboats, or toilet humor (outhouses) have you seen hanging in bathrooms?  Too many, we say.  How about stepping it up a notch? After all, bathrooms are places where everyone “goes.”

Dreamy artwork

Even the toilet closet can stand a little sprucing up.  A piece of framed art is nicer to look at than fish with bubbles.

Artwork in the W.C. (Water Closet)

Guidelines for hanging artwork:
1.  Pick something you love or has meaning to you
2.  Group an odd number of smaller objects together
3.  Hang photos or one-piece artwork at eye-level
4. Determine what the focal point of the room is and accessorize it with art
5. Not every space needs something. Let the eye rest on some blank walls
6.  Give Premiere Home Stagers a call (608.345.9396)